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Salinas River Valley, California Water System Evaluation


Project Description

The Johnson Rd. community is a small, rural neighborhood located in North Monterey County, approximately 1.5 miles southeast of Las Lomas, California. The primary source of water supply for the homes within the community is from privately owned domestic wells. Historical water quality sampling has revealed high concentrations of nitrate in the source aquifer which subject the community members to serious health risks if not treated. 

EWB-KC performed a feasibility study which identified a number of alternative solutions to providing the community with reliable, clean water. A report was developed which summarized the alternatives and identified a preferred alternative. The report was submitted to the community and is being used by the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water as part of a grant application for funding the final design and construction of the recommended improvements.

Project Team Members

Kevin Koines

Project Manager

Jaci Ferguson

Technical Lead

Mac Prather

Technical Lead

Adam Byrnes

Technical Lead

Noura Saadi

Technical Lead

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Jennifer Thomas

Responsible Engineer in Charge

Jim Mellem

Technical Lead

Ricardo Gamarra

Technical Lead

James Maher

QA/QC Reviewer

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Project Documents

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