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Local Project - Independent Reviewers Needed

Our local project with Clement Waters is in need of volunteers to act as independent reviewers for design documents. For those unfamiliar with the project, the Mary Severin Legacy Greenhouse project is focused on helping the Clement Waters Retreat, a local non-profit organization based in Kansas City, with their design of a sustainable greenhouse structure. Clement Waters recently purchased a plot of land in a low-income neighborhood of Kansas City with the goal of using the property to promote educational programs focused on food production and green living. This project focuses on the construction of an off-grid greenhouse made entirely of recycled materials to store gardening materials and plants.

As we get closer to summer and construction of the greenhouse, the project team will need a group of independent reviewers to evaluate the quality and completeness of the design. This process will help to ensure that the greenhouse design is completed safely and thoroughly. The review process take place in the upcoming month of May. Please contact John Kelley at if you are interested in being part of the review process.

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