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Parks with Purpose Clean-up Day

From Jensie Culton:

"Hi! My name is Jensie Culton. I live in the Marlborough neighborhood and serve on the board for the Marlborough Community Coalition, a non-profit that represents five neighborhoods east of Troost. We are working hard over here to see our community thrive again, and we've made awesome progress.

As part of this, our neighborhood was chosen by the Parks With A Purpose program to have a big beautiful park/green space built at 81st and Troost as part of the city's work to take care of water runoff. We're waiting on the playground and sculptures to be installed, which we are STOKED about, but in the meantime, we still want it to stay beautiful and usable for our community and surrounding neighborhoods.

Coming up on Saturday, June 29th, we have organized a clean-up day (morning) and are looking for volunteer groups to come out and lend a hand. The time commitment is 3 hours max, and that includes time for donuts beforehand and pizza afterward. We will be picking up trash and litter at the park, and also in the few blocks around the park. There is a sign on the park grounds that needs a new coat of paint and to have some stick-on lettering replaced.

I have attached a flyer below with more info."

Please support Jensie and this project!

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